Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Agents of Discovery podcast, from Agents of Game. Here we’ll be […]

  • By Matt Parker

    Star Trek: Discovery (definitively not STD, apparently) starts today, the first new Star Trek on TV since Enterprise went off the air in 2005. It is much […]

  • Budget cuts are hitting everywhere hard, and we’re no exception. We were almost forced to lay off a few of our staff, but then we had a brilliant idea! We could launch […]

  • Hulu has a killer October coming, and not just as a really lame Halloween pun, but they have a ridiculous mix of quantity and quality titles coming, as well as a few solid […]

  • Stranger Things Season 2? Stranger Things Season 2. Oh, did we mention Stranger Things Season 2? Thanks for showing up everyone, that’s all for today! Oh, it’s not coming out […]

  • It wouldn’t be October without some horror, and Amazon is bringing a decent selection of classics, including Ghoulies 1 & II (who can forget looking for movies to rent and […]

  • Want to win a Nintendo Switch, but you aren’t able to (or don’t want to) pony up the $300 to get one? Well, why not start blowing all your hard-earned money on cereal for a slim […]

  • Another big month for Hulu, who are picking the new version of The Magnificent Seven, several animated Marvel films (Dr. Strange, Thor: Tales of Asgard, and Ultimate Avengers 1 […]

  • Amazon has a lot of movies coming, and although most of them probably aren’t worth your time, there are plenty of older movies (Ben-Hur, The Golden Child), a bevy of horror […]

  • Not the most amazing of months for Netflix, but definitely some quality additions are coming in September. We’ll see Dead Poets Society several animated Disney movies […]

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