New Maps, Full Release Date for Ark: Survival Evolved, More DLC on the Way

Those who have been playing with us, or even following us know that we really dig Ark: Survival Evolved. Aside from running on official servers on Xbox, as well as private dedicated servers on both Xbox and PC, we drool over just about every new trailer that Wildcard puts out. With E3 here, we’ve already learned that Ark is going to get a free massive visual upgrade for those who pick up the Xbox One X, but now we’ve learned that their modder support program is also bearing more fruit, with the upcoming map, Ragnarok.

For those unfamiliar with the program, it’s a way for them to pay modders who have been creating cool content already, and speed up the work on those mods while ensuring high quality. It also means that console players can also have access to some of the mods that PC players have been enjoying for a while as well. While last year Wildcard hired the creator of the map The Center, Evil Mr Frank AKA Ben Burkart, it doesn’t seem like the program is actually permanent employment, but perhaps it could lead to that.

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Ark has been in Early Access for two solid years now, but we finally have an official release date (August 8th), and for those interested, an Explorer’s Edition and Collector’s Edition, available exclusively from GameStop. In addition to the Scorched Earth DLC, which came out last summer, there will be two more major DLC packs, which are free if you get the special editions of the game.

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