Agency Report #16 – CES Follow-up & More

Thanks for tuning in, enjoy Shawn, Matt, & Dave recap some of the highlights of their attendance of the Consumer Electronics Show, as well as hitting up the Nintendo Switch, and a bit of other random gaminess. We’ll be posting more details about some of the CES goodies on the AOG Facebook page, as well as on the website, as soon as Dave gets off his lazy duff.

Mentioned on the Podcast

CES 2017

Learning Gadgets

BOSEbuild Speaker

Lego Boost

Why Parent When Robots Can For You?

Furrion Mech

Furrion RV


Connected Home

Autonomous Cars

Mass Effect: Andromeda

CES Exhaustion




LG & Samsung TVs & More

Sandboxr 3D Printing

Twitter for fun & profit! Or just ranting about customer service…

Nintendo Switch

Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Steam Holiday Sale

Big Spring for Gaming

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Halo Wars 2

Horizon Zero Dawn

Resident Evil 7


Free to Play Games

Early Access

For Honor



Las Vegas is a filthy place, but there are some decent places to eat[

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