Welcome to the Agents of Game Podcast Page! Our first season of The Agency Update is underway, with Dan, Dave, Matt, and Shawn as your humble hosts. Follow us as we cover video games, movies, TV, and a bit of everything else in the world of geeks/nerds.

Join Dan, Dave, and Matt for this very special episode where Will struggles with peer pressure, and feels like he needs to be a demogorgon to fit in. More details over here!

Enjoy Episode Seven, with special guest Matt Peters, our new Agent 13! We find out what Matt has going on, then hit up the latest in video games, movies, shows, and a bit of everything else. More detail over here.

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Show Notes:

Show notes from Episode 3

Lots of Star Wars Stuff

Echo Movie

Chicago Nerd Social Club

Aaron J Amendola 

Vs. the Universe

The Friendshipping Podcast

Improvised Star Trek


Episode 2 – Join Dan, Dave, and Matt as they appear to have survived their first podcast and are coming back for more. Unfortunately, it appears Shawn has fallen victim to a savage gnome attack. We’re not sure he’ll pull through. The gents cover plenty of ground, again visiting the games of the moment, TV shows, movies, and a few surprising tidbits pop up along the way. We hope you enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Episode 1 – Join us for our inaugural episode. If you can survive the first five minutes, there’s plenty of awesomeness as we (Dan, Dave, Matt, and Shawn) introduce ourselves, and go over a bit of our own history as gamers, talk about the Chicago Comic Con, Star Wars, and all sorts of other odds and ends.

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Other Notes: Yes, I know, some of the games I listed for the TRS-80 were for the CoCo. So, yeah. As much as I loved some of those games, I don’t miss having to find the program on a cassette tape.

Bits and bobs from the show:

Rare Replay from Amazon

The Ultimate History of Video Games, by Steven Kent

Wizard World Comic Cons


Star Wars: Aftermath

Journey to The Force Awakens

Armello on Steam

Lego Dimensions

 Rainbow Six: Siege

 Halo 5: Guardians

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire Expansion Starter Pack

Don’t Poop Your Pants *Name edited*

Star Wars Battlefront

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