Best of E3 2017: Trailers from EA Play

Best of E3 2017: Trailers from EA Play
Didn’t catch the EA live-stream? Given that EA Play is before the official launch of E3, we don’t blame you. Here’s the best and the rest of what’s coming from EA, as seen during their EA Play event. Note: While we added in the full live-stream below (event starts at about 2:45:00), it’s unlisted, so we’re not sure how permanent the availability will be. What did you think of what you saw? What else would you have liked to have seen? Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

The Best & The Rest

Star Wars: Battlefront II

A Way Out Reveal Trailer

A Way Out Gameplay Trailer

Need for Speed Reveal Trailer

Need for Speed Gameplay Trailer

ANTHEM Teaser Trailer

Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar Teaser Trailer


Madden 18 – Longshot

FIFA 18 – Gameplay Trailer

FIFA 18 – The Journey Continues

NBA Live 18 Reveal Trailer

NHL 18 Teaser Trailer

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