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Confirmed: New Cinematic Spider-Man Will Be Peter Parker, In High School

(Updated) Over the past few months, there has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding the return of Spider-Man to movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (for those confused, different companies own the movie rights to several Marvel properties, more on that later). With the upcoming movie, Captain America: Civil War, many were wondering how the story would be told without Spider-Man taking part. Com ...[Read More]

Geeks Rejoice (Maybe?)! Lionsgate & Comic Con Partnering for On-Demand Programming

Geeks Rejoice (Maybe?)! Lionsgate & Comic Con Partnering for On-Demand Programming

Looking to get your fix of sci-fi, fantasy, or comic-related material, but aren’t sure where to look (hint: our site is always a good start)? It looks like an interesting option is about to roll out, as Lionsgate and Comic Con International (the big San Diego Comic Con) have partnered to form a new subscription-based on-demand service which should see the light of day before the year’s ...[Read More]

John Williams Stepping Away from Composing Spielberg’s Latest

-Originally Published 2015-03-18- As noted by The Verge, John Williams will not be scoring the next Steven Spielberg film, only the second time this has occured in 30 years (The Color Purple was the other film). Health issues have forced Williams, the prolific composer, to step back from Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, but they are still working together on an upcoming rendition of The BFG. Whi ...[Read More]

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