Full Coverage of Star Trek: Discovery, (not) Exclusively from Agents of Game

Full Coverage of Star Trek: Discovery, (not) Exclusively from Agents of Game

Gizmonic Instutite, circa 1995

Budget cuts are hitting everywhere hard, and we’re no exception. We were almost forced to lay off a few of our staff, but then we had a brilliant idea! We could launch them into space, they could report back, and if they never return to Earth, they can’t submit expense reports or ask for pay, right! Hey, it worked for Gizmonic Institute, it could work for us.

But seriously, with Star Trek: Discovery on the verge of launch, and us being a bunch of nerds, we figured it would probably be good if we check out the show, and provide reviews for you, to help you decide if the show is worth your time, and also whether or not it’s worth your money. Oh, in case you haven’t heard, the first episode airs Sunday, September 24th on CBS, but each subsequent episode is only available via CBS All Access, which costs money.

Speaking of that, because it costs money, we’re helping defer the costs of our agents so they don’t break the bank. How are we able to do that? Hmm…if you scroll down a bit, you might see a little hint. A clickable hint. Which if you click, won’t cost you anything extra, but might help us kind of a hint. Yeah. That.

Okay, so brazen advertising aside, our crew is excited and itching to start on the new series, and we’ll have plenty of articles, podcasts, and more coming your way, and sooner than you might think!

As always, don’t hesitate to jump on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever to let us know about some of your favorite Star Trek memories, and what you’re hoping to see out of the new series.

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