John Williams Stepping Away from Composing Spielberg’s Latest

-Originally Published 2015-03-18-
As noted by The Verge, John Williams will not be scoring the next Steven Spielberg film, only the second time this has occured in 30 years (The Color Purple was the other film). Health issues have forced Williams, the prolific composer, to step back from Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, but they are still working together on an upcoming rendition of The BFG. While this is surely a sad moment for many of us, it is doubly sad when considering that there is no likely candidate to step into his stead.To be sure, there are many talented composers around, but it seems that we, as a society, are too cool for the soaring scores, filled with sweeping and majestic tones.

It generally seems the prevailing mood today is muted, toned down music. Which has it’s place, but is all the more reason to appreciate the impressive body of work put forth by John Williams.John Williams Bio Site
John Williams’ Lengthy IMDB Resume

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