Unseen 5hadow

Man stands in his own 5hadow and wonders why it is dark. -Zen Proverb

Agent 5hadow


I’m the resident covert agent. I really like tactical and strategy games. I am trying to get my hands dirty with Let’s Play videos and Machinima once I figure out what I’m doing. If you wanna check those out feel free to follow the link. I’m a lover of all things coop. I would rather play with my friends than against them, although Battlefield is my go-to multiplayer game. I also love a good RPG, recently Dragon Age and Neverwinter, nothing like sinking my soul into a lovingly detailed world and experience.

I play mostly on my Xbox One but I do branch out to get certain fixes on PC. I’m too poor to be a multi-console owner but the Xbox tends to hit all my sweet spots but I have no hat to throw in the console war ring. A group of us that are real life and Xbox Live friends decided we wanted to try to build a site that offered a perspective that most of the other major sites don’t have. We aren’t experienced and are learning as we go but if we can keep going I feel like we can offer something unique and community driven here. Please feel free to offer any input and if you wanna help us with videos and participate in Let’s Plays sign up on our sign up page and get involved! I look forward to learning and growing with this community!

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