The man. The myth. The legend. R Fortune, better known as Ryan Olsen, knows his way in and out of a theater. Even in the dark, without exit signs. Not only are his tastes in movies impeccable, and his palate broad, but he’s no stranger to running the show behind the scenes as well. That’s why he’s planning on contributing a weekly movie review for the site. Are you interested in the newest movies in theaters? He’s got you covered. Do you prefer to wait until it comes out on disc? He has your back. Like to catch up on classics, and older fare you might have missed. He knows the score.

We’re looking forward to his reviews, as well as seeing his upcoming work! Want to find out more?  So do we! As soon as we have more information on his upcoming projects, as well as the kickstarter to help get them going, we’ll let you know! (Note: Ryan is quite busy working on other projects, so this page was made on his behalf. Had he actually written it himself, it would have been much more entertaining and informative).

Ryan’s first advertisement he directed for the Nebraska don’t text and drive campaign.


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