We Spent All Our Money On Pie – Agency Report #14

Join Matt, Dave, and Shawn as they hit up the latest in video games and movies. This week, they hit up the news out of Blizzcon, including what’s coming for Hearthstone and Diablo III, as well as news of more updates coming to Ark: Survival Evolved, and the adventures on the Agents of Game PC server. Also, plenty about the NES classic console, which Shawn was able to pick up (good luck, Matt!). Several big movie trailers dropped as well, and we discuss a bit of Doctor Strange.

Digital Dumpster Diving

NES Classic Edition

Captain N: The Game Master

Diablo III Expansion

Diablo I


Mass Effect 1-3 backwards compatible

Free with EA Access

Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer

Ark: Survival Evolved

Tek teir coming

Underwater bases

Laser-shooting T-Rex

GTA Online

Deadline lets you get your Tron on


Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Update

The Division Update

24-hour survival update

The woes of the DZ

More Ark Adventures

Destroying the DodoWyvern

Getting owned by the DodoRex

Come play with us on PC!

Fantasy War Tactics

Skyrim Remastered

Needs a bit more love, no?

Doctor Strange

Wonder Woman Trailer

Lego Batman Trailer

Rogue One International Trailer

Now, with more Lord Vader!

Assassin’s Creed

Guardians of the Galaxy II

Beauty and the Beast

The Arrival


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