What’s on Your List? – Agency Report #15

Join Dan, Dave, Matt, & Shawn for the pre-Thanksgiving festivities! Grab a glass of nog and listen in as they touch on their Christmas wishes, the latest in games and movies, with an extended cut of extras after the regular show ends (starting around 1:12:00).

Ark poop grabbing & junk monkeys

Digital Dumpster Diving & Minds Eyes

Upcoming 24-hour livestream for CES funding

Christmas wishes

Final Fantasy XV

NES Classic

Dead Rising 4

Brandon Sanderson books

Wheel of Time series

The Way of Kings series

Do you #Resnackulous?

The Star Trek Experience

Watch Dogs 2

Pokémon Moon

Dishonored 2

Quantum Break

Something new from Remedy?

Alan Wake

WB just bought Machinima

Super Mario Run details

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Doctor Strange

Elizabeth Banks, the real star of Spider-Man 1-3

Arrival review next week!

A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix in 2017

Cap’n America: Civil War on Netflix in December

Cars 3…it’s going to be a thing…

American Horror Story

Power Rangers

DC on WB crossover extravaganza!

Extras start around 1:15:00

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